OSCON 2014 Aspirations - The Case for Haskell

Update (Feb. 01, 2014, 00:18am EST): I uploaded by proposal to OSCON two days ago, then blogged about it. You can see the result here: OSCON 2014 Proposal

It’s been an exciting year, and it’s only just started.

Inspired by movements like Allowed to Apply and following all kinds of amazing people on Twitter, I’m going to submit an OSCON proposal this year.

I decided this about a day and a half ago, a bit close to the proposal submission deadline. I’ve had to move fast as a result.

Yesterday, I brainstormed on what I want to speak on. Haskell. Definitely Haskell. It’s what I’ve poured a good portion of my free time in to over the past few months. Sadly, I’ve yet to even say hello on #haskell, but it’s been great listening in to discussions on there!

So, more on that brainstorming -

The title: “The Case for Haskell” The track: Emerging Languages The goals:

  1. Instill excitement in Haskell
  2. Show where Haskell can help you (a list of 10)
  3. Share 5 places where Haskell is changing the way we think

There’s a lot of pieces left to fill in there still.

Today, I put together a short summary of talks that emphasized how language features helped people solve problems that were presented at OSCON 2013. I’m sharing this guide with you today in the hope that it helps you build a great submission to OSCON 2014.

You can find the guide here: OSCON 2013: What People Were Saying About Languages

Happy reading!