To Be Honest...

I had forgotten that I ramped up this blog. It’s been so long since I’ve looked at it, and I only came across it again since I’ve been actively considering writing. I was surprised to see that people were still periodically coming here over the past few months, even though it’s been nearly six months since I last posted (thanks!).

I’ve been spending more time publishing mini-blogs over at ThoughtStreams. I have three categories so far:

Thoughtstreams is a very interesting platform. More than any other blogging engine I’ve ever used, it tries not to get in the way. I just write, as little or as much as I like, and post. It even supports Markdown syntax, with basic support for code blocks! I’ve felt more compelled to write a little every day using that. It helps!

Marconi Updates is my micro-blog (shared with flaper87 and kgriffs. Herein, I write about our efforts on the Openstack Marconi project, a distributed queuing system written entirely in Python. Most of my updates are storage-centric, since that’s one of the more interesting aspects of the project to me.

Haskell is all about Haskell! I’ve developed a sort of infatuation with the language over the past three years, even though I’ve yet to use it develop personal or professional projects. The appeal of a functional (double-meaning there), statically-typed language with elegant, terse syntax really gets the language geek in me going. I’ve found this channel to be a great place to gush about the language, tidbits I find interesting, and what I hope to do with it.

Philosophy Behind Software, Love, and Life is a new experiment, shared with flaper87. In this microblog, I want to share more personal thoughts and beliefs. Thus far, I’ve written about mindfulness and about some of the personal struggles I’ve encountered in working with technology. I hope to share more of my personal story therein, and how they guide my beliefs on my journey through this world.

So that’s the story. I think I isolated this blog to be too much about reviewing books in the past, and that really damaged my morale about posting here. In the future, I may discontinue this blog entirely and move over to a service like ThoughtStreams, or I may even spin up my own blog! For the time being, though, books need reviewing, I love writing, and I haven’t made the time to designate any other place as my primary review blog spot.